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Jaffe, Inc was founded in 1993 as a video and event company servicing hundreds of clients and thousands of video projects ranging from music videos, corporate, commercial, industrial, concert, event and museum production. Jaffe, Inc has worked with many clients including Dennis DeYoung, The Michael Jordan Foundation, Mohammed Ali, and corporate clients including Baxter healthcare, Echo Incorporated, Motorola, Sears, and many more. Jaffe Studios was founded in 2018, and offers in house virtual events, music and video production, voice over and 4K UHD editing, offering top of the line film and video camera equipment and state of the art production gear.

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Corporate ◻ Promotional ◻ Music Videos ◻ Training

Commercials ◻ Aerial



Conferences ◻ Galas ◻ Concerts

Audio ◻ Visual ◻ Lighting ◻ Stage ◻ Decor



Web ◻ Interactive ◻ Motion Graphics

VR ◻ Hologram ◻ Installation



Training Room ◻ Edit Suite ◻ Isolation Room

Green Room ◻ Studio ◻



LED Screens ◻ Events ◻ Production

Studios ◻ Cameras ◻ Motion Gear



Indoor/Outdoor ◻ 6mm Pixel Pitch ◻ up to 40'x12'

Ground Support or Flown ◻ Setup, Delivery

Since 1993 Jaffe, Inc has been serving the greater Chicago area. Our leading approach is to develop compelling film and video production, events/galas, and interactive multimedia projects by combining our experiences, resources, knowledge, creativity, and technology in a dynamic and exciting way.


“Well, the presentation of ‘The Song Is the Vehicle-My Life Through the Eye of the Tiger’, could not have gone better.  A full house of smiling, happy, clapping people.  Everything worked perfectly.  Big movie screen.  Great sound.  Nice lighting.  Great comments.”

“You should be so proud of the work you have done.  You have given it you all…I am proud to say that I know [you] care so much about showcasing the talents of individuals with special needs.  You always raised the bar on yourselves and [on those] who hold you in the highest esteem.”

“I wanted to reach out to [you] to let you know how awesome the video experience was for everyone involved.  All the kids and parents I spoke with talked about how much their child enjoyed it.  It was especially amazing to see you interact with them.  Your patience and kindness is admirable.  Watching from the outside I saw them develop and blossom before my eyes.  This is something they will remember forever.  Thank you!”

“Some of the most memorable moments have come from the spoof programs that we put together.  We have put some long hours in together and I have always enjoyed our collaboration and friendship.”

“Thanks again for helping to make the gala such a successful event.  We’ve been hearing great things about both videos.  Even some of our toughest critics loved it!”

“We just wanted to let you know that our contact thought the video was GREAT!  Thank you so much for being so flexible with your time and having incredible patience.  We enjoy working with you!”

“Oh my God, thank you so much!  The show looked amazing…I really, really appreciate the Herculean efforts you went [through]!  I can’t thank you enough…I can tell the stage and band looked great.”

“Thank you so much for your generous contribution…I can’t thank you [and your team] enough for all of your time, talent, and the beautiful production.  It was amazing!”

“I don’t think I can express how extremely grateful we are for all of your help…you are awesome!”

“Just wanted to circle back and say thanks for the great job you guys did for the Kentucky Derby party.  The band had a great time and was very complementary to your guys.  The Waterdawgs being just a Chicagoland bar band – we get all kind of sound set-ups – from our own to something like you guys.  It was a treat for us.  Thank you again.”

“That was the most efficient, well-handled video shoot I’ve ever been involved with!  Thank you for being so well prepared and respectful of our time.  Massive respect.”

Let Jaffe, Inc. discuss your next project with you.

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